Ethics Reporting Hotline

Toll Free Number: 1-844-CTEthic

Welcome to the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Ethics Hotline.

Caltrans strives to recognize and promote the important roles that integrity, responsibility and ethical conduct play in our organization. This site was designed as a resource for you to report possible employee misconduct such as fraud, waste, abuse of Caltrans assets, illegal or unethical behavior. We understand the decision to come forward with information about fraud or other wrongdoing is not an easy one, and appreciate you taking the time to report this information. Information provided via the hotline is recorded by a third party vendor and triaged by the Ethics Unit within the Independent Office of Audits and Investigations. The information shared may be distributed to the appropriate party for further administrative review. Please note that providing your personal information is optional and confidential; the more personal information you provide the easier it may be for us to gather information and administratively look into your concern. Caltrans will protect your confidentiality and anonymity to the greatest extent possible.


  • Prepare Before Filing. Before we can review and assess your concern, we must first understand what you are alleging. You can be more effective in communicating with us if you gather your thoughts before filing and be prepared to answer the following questions: What is the improper activity? Who acted improperly? How can we prove your allegation is true?

  • Support What You Allege. To look into your concern, we need to know what evidence exists to support what you are alleging. It is important that you describe in detail any evidence that proves what you are saying and that you provide the names and telephone numbers of any knowledgeable witnesses. It is also helpful for you to provide us with any documentation that supports what you are saying.

  • Consider Providing Contact Information. You have the right to remain anonymous when you file a concern. However, we may not be able to fully look into your concern if we cannot reach you to confirm the information you are providing or obtain additional required information.

  • Keep Your Complaint Confidential. We review all concerns and will do our best to protect your identity and our ability to gather information. To protect the confidentiality of your concern, we encourage you not to tell anyone that you have filed with the Ethics Hotline.

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